About me


Hi, I’m Sarah.

I specialize in custom web design and development for creatives, makers, and other kindred spirits. A life-long artist based in Portland, Oregon, I started out my career as a graphic designer and Art Director. The World Wide Web called to me early on. I’ve been a self-taught web designer and front-end developer since 2009 when I launched my first website.

What’s ModernFox?

ModernFox Web Design and Development is my new home on the web. A place to bring together the things I love—great design and helping small businesses.

How can I help you?

I’m truly passionate about helping artists, designers, crafters, and creators give shape to their dreams. Let’s create something together: a beautiful online presence that reflects your unique personality. ModernFox can help you stand out.




Ready to launch your dream onto the web? Contact me today and let’s create together: